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When we were asked to Host this year's Diner en Blanc Atlanta, we never thought the first result of the decision was a new circle of friends to help us out.   And, this result is certainly why this high anticipated event is such a gem of Atlanta, the new friends you meet.  So thank you for your participation and we wish you a magical evening on October 20, 2018.

As you know there are many moving parts to Diner en Blanc, especially for you as a guest.  Below are a few pointers to ensure a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience:
  • Read all information provided on the website, especially photos of past events to see the fun to expect. 
  • If it's your first time, depend on your Squad Leader to share the best practices to ensure a great experience.
  • If convenient, use a shared-ride service such as Uber or Lyft to your Departure Point and return home from the secret location. 
  • Car pooling is encouraged, as some Departure Points will require paid parking as with any other entertainment event you would attend.
  • Travel with your table/chairs as simply packed as possible, as to only use the under carriage of the motor coach for these items - or if you're in a Pedestrian Group, your walk will be comfortable.  Standard size coolers and containers for your food items are certainly acceptable, but wagons and other large, wheeled receptacles for transporting supplies is space-prohibitive and delays loading time and time to your fun evening.   Anything else should be easily transported on the motor coach with you or comfortably carried on your walk to the secret location.
Finally, be sure to pack your fun and excitement and loving personality to share with others - there will be thousands of new friends that will benefit.  And, the magical evening will continue at the official After Party - see you there.

Thank you and please find one of us and say hello - we'd love to meet you.

DEB Atlanta 2018 Host Team
Carla, Keith and Sheryl

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Sean R.
5 year ago
I have to say I agree with most if not all comments posted by fellow DEB attendees. I was highly disappointed with the overall experience this year from location to entertainment to time of year (October is I bit to cool). To my understanding there were organizers who stepped in last minute to get this years event together due to original organizers pulling out last minute. If that be true, thank you for stepping up and doing your best to give ATL DEB 2018. In my opinion (like a butt, everyone has one...) the disappointment of there not being a DEB here this year would have been better than the disappointment of what was presented unfortunately. I have been to several DEB’s, with the first being on Peachtree Street in front of the FOX theater...AMAZING!!! Hands down “ONE” of the best experiences of my life. A precedence was set for myself that year as well as many other guest from the other DEB’s in years past. As stated previously, it’s appreciated that there were people willing to step up to try to put on a evening of elegance but this years experience has devalued the brand as a whole in the eyes of existing members as well as new members and their guest. Not to mention the negative reviews that has and will spread via word of mouth (the best and oldest form of advertisement and marketing). I am not sure how DEB can or should compensate this years guest for the shortcoming which based on reading this forum are vast, BUT there should be some meaningful sort of good faith gesture from DEB to its loyal (up until this point) members and guest. And we should have heard from the entity behind DEB or whoever is getting all our money, addressing our concerns and with assurances of a better experience in the future. DO NOT TAKE US FOR GRANTED!

P.S. my squad leader and group leader were great. Group leader Lynnette Favors even gave her group little gift bag with a cool “Wonder Twins” light up bling-power rings(I’m really showing my age with that Wonder Twins reference lol)Shouts out to you.

P.S.S. Please give us a new DJ. Music had no flow to it. No smooth transition from one song to the next.
•Figure out what’s playing next,
•Get a rhythm to match new song,
And repeat!!!!!

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