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Tables & Chairs Information

Dear Friends of Le Dîner en Blanc – Atlanta,

Here's a list of preferred vendors places where you may Rent or Buy tables & chairs for the event.  Please see below. Make sure to get white linen should the color of your tables not be white!

Approved Table Dimension - 24" - 36" ( We recommend using a buggy to roll your items )

Rent Options - Here is a list of rental companies where you can rent folding tables and chairs.
  • Peachtree Tents and Events1422 Chattahoochee Ave., Atlanta GA 30318  - 1.404.574.6655
  • Classic Party Rentals - 3141 Nifda Blvd, Smyrna, GA 30080 - (404) 351-9222
  • Tables & Chairs - 2135 American Industrial Way, Atlanta, GA  770-458-275
  • Freeman - 841 Joseph E Lowery Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA  404-253-6400    
Purchase Options –

Lamps Plus - They have at least 200 available right now:

You may find other locations and prices. Feel free to share your good deals with us by sending a message to your Table Leader and/or posting on our Facebook wall!

We hope this has been helpful to you.

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Teresa D.
6 year ago
Just to be clear, are the tables supposed to be square ranging in size from 24"x24" to 36"x36"?
Deborah R.
Charisse P.
6 year ago
Just called Classic Party Rentals. They don't carry a 24" x 36" table. Their smallest table is 24" x 48". Since they are listed as an approved vendor, is it ok if I use that size table?
Deborah R.
Charisse - tables need to be 24 x 24 or 36 x 36. The standard card table is 36 x 36, so if you know someone who has one, ask to borrow it!
Sheletha C.
6 year ago
I have white chair covers. I can use those on folding chairs I already own, correct?

Deborah R.
Sheletha C.
Thank you, Deborah R.!
Jaci Q.
6 year ago
Are white chair covers approved?
Sheletha C.
Hey! We are on the same page! I think I read somewhere they are approved (used in another city), I just want to confirm here.
Shelvia S.
6 year ago
Will you need to rent prior to arrival? I want to rent so that I get it there, and leave it there and only have to lug myself, my food, and my wine......can someone update me once the package has been put together?
Michael D.
6 year ago
Please keep us posted on the final response from We Rent Atlanta. Thank you for doing the research!
Maria C.
6 year ago
I called We Rent Atlanta. She said their tables come in 3 pieces and are heavy. Chairs heavy too. She is trying to work with the event organizers to see if they will let her deliver as she feels it will be easier to manage than trying to haul on a bus and carry.
Non-member guest
6 year ago
Thanks for sharing Angel. I will add to our list
Angel K.
Table Leader
6 year ago
Another option for buying the table and it can be shipped to the closest WalMart for free.

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